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Cygnets is a friendly informal time of worship for pre-school children and their carers held in St. James' Church Staveley. Everyone is welcome and we are joined by our friends from Blossom Tree Nursery in Staveley. We meet on the 3rd Tuesday of each month - the dates for 2017 are below.

When the bell rings we get ready to play our instruments as we march down the church to sit at the front and play as we sing Ring, Ring, Ring the Bell.

We join in placing a coloured cloth, a cross, a bible and candles on the table to show we are ready. After we have lit the candles we sing our candle lighting song and say our Cygnets prayer:

Dear God in heaven, I give you this day,

all my work and rest and play.

Everything I say and do

Father God I give to you


We join in with The Body Song and then sit down to enjoy a story from the bible. Sometimes we join in dressing up or doing actions. To help us remember the story we all join in making a picture for the church or a small craft to take home.

There is always a special song and prayer to go with the story and after we have said The Lord's Prayer we jump up for Round and Round the Circles Goes.

If any one has had a birthday we sing to them and congratulate anyone who has been baptised recently.

As we draw to a close we blow out the candles and sing Goodbye to the Church.

After a final prayer and blessing we enjoy juice and biscuits.

We take a card home to remind us of today's story and prayer.

Here is the piCygnets picturecture we made when we heard the story about the lady pouring perfume of Jesus' feet. We all added some wool to make her hair.

Rain drop pictureWe added raindrops to this picture to remind us of the love that God showers down on us.


Dates for 2019


January 15th

February 19th

March 19th

April 16th

May 21st

June 18th

July 16th

No meeting in August

September 17th 

October 15th

November 19th 

December 17thtbc Nativity